Technology is arguably converging. Businesses and individuals across most of the globe have high-speed access to the internet data collected on a sensor in the office, factory floor or from a motor vehicle is available immediately in the cloud.

Powering your laptop, PC, TV or adjusting your office lighting or temperature through your mobile phone are, or will soon be a reality and this is largely down to IP and the ubiquitous Ethernet platform. Supporting these technological advances, communications cabling has evolved significantly since the original development of Ethernet in 1978.  This evolution continues to develop at a pace, as the boundaries of technology are pushed from multiple directions.

At the core of the internet, cloud computing represents the most efficient solution for businesses and consumers alike.  Efficiencies are maintained through access to improved and maintained software platforms. Secure and reliable infrastructure deliver readily available information.   Cloud computing and the data centre infrastructure, which underpins the need for high-speed data transportation will continue to be serviced by optical fibre technologies.

Standards bodies are already considering the development of Terabyte speed networks to support the demands of tomorrow and challenge the current fibre technology. Increasingly, decisions surrounding technological advances are correctly informed due to the environmental impact of future developments and their energy efficiency.

Looking towards the edge of the network, IoT and IIoT continue to drive and challenge the thinking around applications, traditional protocols and energy efficiency. The demand to drive improvements in how buildings or factories are designed and used will also drive new requirements.

Creating more productive and effective environments where sensing technologies are used to collect data and collect data analytics, which informs the user of improved ways to control and manage key processes.

At this level, copper cabling, complemented by a wireless overlay structure, provides the most efficient technology solution.

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